Tropical Interiors For Design Newbies

People love going to beach resorts to catch that fresh breeze, the cool sands and the picturesque palm trees. No other location can provide a more rejuvenating atmosphere this is why more and more people are wanting to take the scenic views right inside their homes.

When executed appropriately, the tropical interior design can create the same pristine scenery and even arouse similar feelings in dwellers.

So how do you go about in setting up tropical interiors?

Stick to the Colors of Nature

Be sure that you are consistent when choosing the color scheme. Stick to the colors of nature when picking the wall color, fabric hues and even the tone of your furniture and accessories. Light brown and beige can be colors that would remind you of the sands. These also fuse really well with other tropical colors that you will soon use throughout your home.

If you love bright colors in spicing up rooms, then use the ones that make you think of rich vegetation and tropical flowers. Use highlights of banana yellow, orange, pink or violet to enliven the interiors. Start embracing colors such as Dodger blue, sky blue or orchid purple.

Tropical Entryway

One of the first areas that your visitors get to see are your entryways, hence, you have to be very careful in placing your tropical motif there. Use some shell lamps and potted plants to welcome your visitors, these can easily initiate a sort of vacation vibe. Establish a beachy atmosphere as you use crisp white and blue striped walls.

Woven Furniture Is Great

Tropical homes often come with woven furniture such as bamboo or wicker. These choices are most ideal but if you love the look of solid wood in your home, then you can always go for teak or walnut furniture.

Extra care should be taken so that the furniture pieces do not become modern looking, though. As for the flooring, be sure to use hardwood and veer away from carpets or rugs which can hide the beauty of the wooden floor. You may only use rugs in the case of sea grass rug.

Clutter-free Upholstery and Accessories

Be sure to say no to curtains when you are opting for tropical interior design. In its place, use roll up blinds that are made of bamboo. You may also use wooden blinds or hardwood shutters which can take the place of regular curtains. These will be able to give your windows with a cleaner look which is much more suitable for the serene atmosphere offered in many beach resorts.

If you really cannot let go of curtains, then be sure to have, at least, obvious floral prints on them.

As for the cover of cushions, be sure to pick fabrics in animal or floral prints. The simpler the look, the more suitable it is for your tropical interiors. And since you are focusing on the natural look anyway, why not go all out and place potted plants all around? This is an effective way to complete the look as you also place those artistic wall hangings, memorable photos and framed seashells.

And while you are at it, go ahead and set up those murals of tropical oases. Just use the ceiling or wall as your canvas then paint landscape themes for that panoramic feel. If you are bold enough, you can have the most complex nature painting done by a professional artist. 

Detail Is Everything

Be sure to pay attention to details when you set up a tropical interior. For instance, use glass knobs and geometric patterns on your furnishings. There may be tropical rooms just for the summer season but you can have your home go tropical all year round!

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