Art Deco Interior Design at a Glance

Art deco interior design is far from a modern concept. This is a design movement that took place in the 1920s till the 1930s. This is that awkward phase between the two World Wars. The Art Deco movement affected a lot of art forms from clothing, jewelry, fashion, graphic arts, paintings and film.

Think constructivism, Neoclassical, cubism, art noveau, or futurism and you get a clearer picture of what art deco is. This was quite popular in Europe back in the 20s where Paris was the home of Art Deco style. Its popularity reached its peak, though, when it reached the American continent in the 1930s.

Art Deco was no longer just for the elite by then. Art deco stuff were being mass produced so that everyone had the capacity to live in this style.

While this style fused both philosophical and political movements, overall, it became a decorative thing. Art Deco now represents things that are elegant, modern and functional. This kind of style is all about streamlining and geometry at the same time.

Use pieces like mirrors, curved fronts, chrome hardware, clean lines and glass. This is now at a modernist phase that answered the Art Noveau style that had flowing forms, elaborate, female imagery, even Tiffany lamps. In the 80s, graphic design was fused into this style.

Materials for Art Deco

Art deco is embodied by materials like stainless steel, aluminum, inlaid or lacquered wood. Designers use beautiful curves and stepped forms. The sunburst motif is also characteristic of the Art Deco style.

Have you heard of the Machine Age? This is what Art Deco interior design is all about. This is the obvious use of repetition, symmetry, Middle Eastern stuff and some Asian influence.

The people’s interest in this design became apparent in the 1960s and yet again in the 80s. The surviving pieces of Art Deco architecture and art can be seen mostly in Cuba, more so in Havana. One other place that has rich examples of Art Deco is Goaiania, Brazil; also cities like Irai, Cipo, and Rio de Janeiro. The South Beach in Florida has a huge collection of Art Deco architecture. 

The Embodiment of Artistry

Some of the renowned artists for Art Deco were Raymond Templier for jewelry; Eileen Gray for furniture; Clarice Cliff for china; and Rene Lalique for glass and jewelry.

The Art Deco look can be accomplished when you use streamlined furniture. Single pieces are more suitable than sets. As for fabric choice, look for plain or geometric ones. Single piece furniture will look great in such fabrics. Solid block of colors also look great on one-piece furnishing.

Art Deco floors may be made of plain, polished parquet or linoleum with abstract designs. Black and white checkerboard style looks great on vinyl tiles used on Art Deco homes. If you have to use rugs, find a large one that comes with geometric patterns. Such are handmade by great artists like Duncan Grant.

Other Art Deco Elements

Most of the lighting fixtures are female figures that are holding a ball. Many good reproductions can be found in the market these days. Glass or chrome lamps are typical of this period, just make sure that you invest in glass that has been sandblasted, etched, or enameled. Steer clear of the colored glass types.

Fireplaces were also common, especially the ones tiled in green, pink or beige. These were made of concrete back then and only a few authentic ones were able to survive.

Wardrobes, cupboards, and cabinets are necessary pieces in a home that wants to evoke an Art Deco interior design. Embrace these elements and you are definitely on the right track.

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