The Picturesque Breakfast Nook – Wanna Have One?

Do you think that you can decorate your morning? Yes that is possible. You may have heard of the expression – morning room – and how those who have envisioned such a room actually imagined a grand room inside a manor.

In reality, many of the homes that have been built following the turn of the previous century have areas that can be designed to become a breakfast nook. The only difference between this nook and a morning room is the pompousness. But if you have comfortable chairs, great coffee and your family with you then you already own a morning room.

Major Benefits of Having a Breakfast Nook  

  • Having a corner breakfast table means you can invest in a larger table than when you have it placed at the center of the room. Having a table in the center means leaving at least 18 inches all around it and the walls surrounding it. Corner tables often come with benches that fit right into the same corner where the table is already fixed. To enjoy the nook, just slide in and eat!
  • Another benefit in having a breakfast nook is the number of people that can be seated – there are simply more. While it is awkward to have a long bench around the usual dining table, with a breakfast nook, this is acceptable so more people get to enjoy the space (and the meal at that!).
  • A third advantage in having a breakfast nook is that the corner can also be used as a food storage area. You can have a bench designed with storage bins right below the bench cushions. This means you can now have an easier access to appliances like the bread or pasta maker. One other possibility is being able to store table cloths, linens, napkins, placemats, etc.

Your Morning Sanctuary

The purpose of your breakfast nook is for you to have a private place where you, your family or your guests can relax, sit, talk, or ponder while enjoying great food and beverages. This is, generally, a place where you can spend these great moments during the day.

So how do you set up a great looking breakfast nook? This would all come down to your personal taste but there are a few things that are worth learning –

  • Note that dark wall colors absorb more natural light so painting your walls with these would help the guests feel more welcome. Bright yellow paint could be glaring especially when it starts absorbing the sunlight that floods the breakfast nook. Warmer colors on the walls add a little coziness but be careful that you do not use the same dark shades on your furnishings. Furniture painted with warm colors tend to absorb the sunlight, too, so you end up sitting on a frying pan-like seat – this is something that you really wouldn’t want!
  • Find artwork that you could use to beautify the room. If you can find those with unique textures framed in darker shades then you will have an accent piece that is hard to miss.
  • If you really have to use window coverings, then use sheer, translucent or loose curtains. Open-weaved fabrics are the best options.
  • If benches are not appealing to you, then you can always invest in chairs. Individual chairs are generally used traditional dining rooms but this does not mean that you cannot use them in your new cozy, little nook. Have tall pub-style tables set up with tall stools to match. Carved wooden furniture pieces also work for the more traditional people.

For breakfast nooks that are not meant to become a social hub but for solitary use, then a small table with a chair or two would do. With the right wall color (blue encourages deep thinking and productivity), this should be a great place to read and write while also enjoying some grub.

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