The Magical Beauty Of 1980s Interiors

Many of the real estate listings these days have a tendency to bring you back down the memory lane. The ‘80s trend has a tendency to evoke recollections of teal, beige and taupe covering artworks, floors, even Louis chairs. This trend is not the ‘80s if there aren’t any stuffed sofas, circular rugs, glass top tables or floral valances. Art Deco table lamps also dominated many rooms, as did wallpapered ceilings.

The 1980s Modern

The approach during the ‘80s is the fewer is more concepts. Rooms then were unfussy as they showcased lined furniture. Mirrors, glass, and chrome achieved the needed reflective sides that were used to enlarge spaces. These retro pieces are still used today to flawlessly blend with sleek modern furniture.

The 1980’s Southwestern

Use a lot of mauve and turquoise and you achieve one of the looks that became popular in the ‘80s. Find Native American pieces that you can display in your home. Use colorful textiles and seemingly outdated furniture.

Make reference to ‘80s music and fashion and you’re just achieved the hippest 1980s interior.

The 1980s Deco

In the ‘80s, Art Deco was resurrected in graphic design as linear fonts were fused with contemporary curves. Angles were still present as well as the 30’s/’20s arches. If you want to have this style in your home, have the rooms decorated with modern artwork and porcelain vases that are characteristic of the ‘80s rooms. Round furniture can make your home look more vintage. Use spherical mirrors as well as dark, lacquered headboards painted with golden trimming.

The 1980’s Traditional

One of the most sought after décor in the ‘80s was anything traditional. It was typical to find high-rise residents filling their rooms with modern collections as well as heirloom or antique pieces that they owned.

The 1980’s Country

The country look is something that will transcend time. This is proven in the ‘80s when many homes used this as a theme. Elegance was even seen in many of these homes as the country enthusiasts held onto their oak furniture. As the oak pieces remained, they blended with the new walls and cushions. This transitional appearance was quite common in the ‘80s and what could be more delightful than to replicate the same look in your home today?

The 1980’s Black and White

When designing with black and white, your job is quite simple; just paint the walls with white (or any light-colored paint) and invest in oak wood flooring as wooden furniture pieces. Be sure to buy neutral-colored armchairs, a coffee table, and a sofa.

Be ‘80s Inspired

If you want to bring the spirit of your childhood home to your present property, then you are sure to find a lot of inspiration in 1980’s design. So go ahead and bring in that track lighting – the bigger it is, the better.

As for chintz, use the prints on bed covers, quilts and draperies. The Chintz textile was originally from India but was imported to England. This is why this textile has an expensive price tag. The ‘80s is an era that simply adored chintz so you would never go wrong with your ‘80s interior if you use in your home.

Bring in those patio chairs and you will be transported back in time. Even a single patio chair can make an eccentric addition to the kitchen or living room. Go preppy and you are also, still, on the right track.

The ‘80s is a lively era, filled with pastel color, Verdigris, open kitchens, American style, Japanese Zen, shabby chic, and many other unconventional interior designs. You are sure to stand out if you stick by these looks.

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