The Importance Of Interior Design In Staging A Home

It is never an easy task to put one’s home in the market. The first phase of preparation is always to remove the clutter. This is extremely important since many professional home stagers find that almost half of the owner’s current furnishings have no actual bearing on the value of their home. In removing clutter, it has been observed that homes automatically appear larger. You could begin by selling or getting rid of furniture. Only those endowed with a good critical eye will be able to tell what items are necessary and which ones they can live without.

De-Personalize It

One effective factor in staging a home is the removal of personal artwork or photographs in all rooms. Though these photos are pretty to look at, these are nothing but distraction to probable buyers. Any artwork that does not contain people in it is your best option.

One other way of removing your personality from inside the house is to have unnecessary objects – your clutter – thrown out right away. Clear the kitchen countertops, refrigerator fronts (no, buyers would not want to know all about your kid’s passing grades in school), and the walls. If you cannot throw your stuff, then at least put them away at the moment.

Coordinate the towels inside the bathroom and leave only the bathing essentials in plain sight – a bottle of shampoo, soap, perfume, shaving cream, and brushes. Be sure to organize the cosmetics in one group atop the bathroom counter.

A Little Cleaning Goes a Long Way

It is important to dust off or install a new one for the following –

  • Carpet
  • Draperies
  • Windows
  • Cabinets
  • Storage bins
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Furniture and accessories

Create a Winning Living Room

Create a focal point for the living room. Begin by picking out a visible part of the room then have a spotlight set to draw attention to that corner. There has to be a substantial piece in that corner like a huge potted plant or a beautiful sculpture.

If you cannot decide on one thing that you will highlight, just paint one wall as your focal point. With the rest of the room painted in a pastel, you can have one side painted in a warmer hue like purple.

The living room is also a chat room so have it positioned in such a way that it is a room for entertainment and conversations. Buyers should be able to visualize themselves in that sitting space where they are relaxing with their family members.

Carpet dents – no matter how small – are unimpressive. And since you are staging your home to create the best first impressions possible, you should get rid of those indentations left by furniture on the carpet. To do this, just place medium sized ice cubes onto the dents. When the ice melts, it is sure to expand the carpet fibers and eventually erase the imprints.

Create a Dramatic Backdrop

One of the best ways to dress up a bland bedroom is to hang draperies or sheer fabrics right behind the bed. This automatically takes on the role of a headboard as it visually raises the ceilings especially in the master bedroom. This simple setup can add a sense of luxury and elegance.

Let In the Outdoors

Invoking the outdoors means putting in a little nature inside rooms. You have to be able to create a flow throughout your home with the use of dried and fresh flowers or cuttings.

You can also ask for the windows to be remodeled so that you can let in more natural light as the potential buyers also get a great view of the garden outside.

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