Space Management – What To Do With An Empty Nest

Have your kids gone to college and you’re now left with your spouse in your huge home? You are now probably wondering what you can do with the extra rooms. With proper space management, you can redesign your home and make it a suitable habitat for you and whoever is left among your family members.

Add More Value

It can get difficult to sell a home, what with the struggling economy that the world continues to fight. It is a better idea to redesign your home and make good use of the space that you now have.

Managing the space that you are left with is also a good chance to have the design that you have always wanted. As soon as you begin thinking of the rooms, then you will start thinking of the design elements that you will bring in. 

Space Assessment

As you become more adamant in adding value to your home, then it’s time to assess how much available space you will be working on. Before you even seek out for storage solutions, perhaps, you should declutter a few sections of your home. Find all obsolete and unimportant stuff – these can either be rearranged or completely taken out of sight through proper storage.

You might need to dump a few drawers or shelves in order to completely assess the actual available space. Who knows, that pile of large boxes could be replaced with a single, functional cabinet. Store or give away any worn items especially when they no longer complement the style that you have adapted.

Make good use of any available space to hide any unwanted item away. If you plan on buying new furniture, then make sure that the old ones are disposed off at the soonest possible time.

Achieve Balance

The style and size of your furniture should be balanced, else, the home will fail to look presentable. Find furniture pieces that offer variety and compatibility to your current theme. 

Arrange or Rearrange

Proper space management requires thoughtful arrangement or rearrangement of furniture. Balance the occupied space and your free space so that the room will have a comfortable look and feel.

Make intelligent alterations using updated colors on your walls and ceilings. If you want to achieve an illusion of larger space, then use bright colors. If you happen to have a huge room to fill, then do the opposite – use darker hues to paint the walls as well as your ceilings.

Make Use of Corner Spaces

One of the best ways to optimize available space is to utilize corner spaces. Invest in slim cabinets that can fit in corners. This should give you more space to put your other furniture in.

Those spaces all around your bed can also be decreased in order to make way for that extra chair or bedroom bench. Make use of the space under sofas and beds.

Put Up a Home Office

More and more people are now starting to enjoy working from home. Telecommuters are now growing their businesses and careers at home and these people will be in need of space where they can work quietly.

Especially when there are kids inside the house, it can get difficult to work at home. It becomes important to have your own space, one where no you can accomplish things more quickly.

Set Up a Reading Room

‘Born a bookworm? Then you can make use of that extra space for your reading room. Go ahead and install shelves and book cabinets. Organize your collections of books and artworks.

Do not forget to set up comfortable reading chairs.

Space management can also be done when you’re in need of a place to sew, design or create crafts. Unleash the artistic you in the new room that you will put up.

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