Ranch Home Style – Learn These Design Decisions Now

Have you ever ogled over the beauty of sprawling ranch homes? Or are you now blessed with one? These days, ranch houses are still single-storey homes minus the wranglers. Any home can actually be made to look like a unique ranch house. The style must be carefully studied and then deliberately applied to the concept of the interiors.

Ranch Walls and Windows

Most of the ranch style homes come with light-colored hues such as white, Navajo white or cream. The color must be duplicated throughout the entire house with wood paneling covering the walls or halfway up your walls.

Be sure to strip the paint on wood surfaces like doorframes, stair railings, and ceiling beams. All the woodwork in the house must be stained using the color that harmonizes with the paneling. Stonework or the fireplace must be made of natural stone.

In case you are using faux stones, check that the colors look exactly like natural stone. Use light-colored shades or curtains for the windows. Have some stained glass panels hung on the windows. You can use full-sized or small window panels.

Ranch Flooring

Majority of the rooms must have wood – preferably hardwood – flooring. The floor color must have a tone that is lighter than the wood paneling. Halls, kitchens and dining rooms are the best rooms that must have wood floors. Buy rugs with Navajo pattern and strong, bold colors. The rooms that need to have carpeting must use a neutral-colored one.

Ranch Furniture

You need to be bold with regard to your ranch house main furnishings. Be sure that the tables and chairs are heavy and have a bulky feel. Find furniture pieces that are made of heavy timber then have the natural wood tones gleam through the glossy surface.

As for the easy chairs and couches, be sure to invest in genuine or faux leather. You don’t have to worry about the color, as any shade will work. Pick brick-colored furniture, white or black pieces. Then group these around the low tables. Use suede throws to accentuate the easy chairs and couches.

Open Layout Kitchens

It is crucial to remove any interior wall that cramps the kitchen. After toppling this wall, you can add a kitchen island that can serve multiple purposes, primarily, as a buffet table when you need to entertain. Black granite countertops can easily make a kitchen look luxurious. This can be transformed into a homework station during the afternoon. At dinner, the sink and faucet can be used during food preparations.

If you have installed many cabinets in your kitchen, now is the time to take down some of them. Fewer upper cabinets can give an illusion of airiness. Add a metal shelf instead so that you can still have sufficient storage without sacrificing the openness of the room.

Ranch Accents

Using the right accents can creatively change a room’s ambience. Since you aim to have a ranch style, consider laying out animal skin rugs or have them hung on the walls. These can also be used near the fireplace.

For the den, see if you can mount some stuffed animal heads or cow skulls. Native American clay pots can be used on their own or as pots for cacti. Fold blankets over the back of chairs. The blanket must always reflect the throw rugs on the floor.

Open Plan Is Crucial

Open plan requires continuity; keep that in mind if you want your home to look like a luxurious ranch. And be sure to stick to tradition as much as you can. Just add that wooden porch and a bunch of cowboys and your visitors will surely yell – Yeehaw!

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