Nordic Design On A Budget

A homeowner’s bliss becomes real once he sees the fruits of his labor – a home that is now truly his. There may be a lot of designs to choose from but if you are particularly drawn to Nordic style, you might immediately lose hope of ever having it set up in your own home because of its sky high price. But did you know that with the right mindset and a few tips, you can achieve Nordic design on a budget?

What you would notice with Nordic or Scandinavian design is that it looks very much like Canadian interiors. Both give respect to rich lakes, rivers, forests and mountains. Coziness is also optimized especially during the winter season.

Scandinavian design relies on clean, light tones which combat darkness. If you want your home to look extra bright even during the evenings and the darkest winter seasons, then try following these guidelines –

The Nordic Living Room

You can go modern and clean with your style but never forget to be smart and clever at all times. If you have long wondered where to put your bright purple cabinet, then it becomes a potential focal point in your whitewashed living room. You could also sand the piece for an aging effect.

To further design your living room, you can also use a white sectional on your equally white painted living room. To counter the blandness that could come from having too much light colors, obtain colorful accessories or warm wood furnishings. Natural wood elements that are strewn all over a Nordic home such as a simple cutting board or a wooden side table could render the needed warmth.

The Typical Nordic Kitchen

You can actually ask your friends to help you design your Nordic kitchen. One can go solo on painting the walls and a few could take care of the flooring. Still another can help you with the plumbing and the rest will take care of your lighting.

To save money, you can invest in wooden kitchen cabinets that will complete the look of the room. Home depots are places where you can find bargain tiles and other materials that you can use to beautify your kitchen.

Nordic Dining Room

The dining room is the perfect spot to place your heirloom dresser which can already be used as a sideboard. You can update the look of every piece of dining room furniture by giving them a coat of fresh paint. White is the most common choice but you can also stray to other colder colors such as gray.

The Nordic Bedroom

Install a plywood subfloor and you can have a soothing and natural-looking floor than having a thick carpet cover this beauty. Wooden pallets can actually be used as bed frame where you can place your thick, white mattress. This is probably the most inexpensive way to do your bedroom.

Other Nordic Rooms

Most homes these days already come with a home office. Instead of the usual boring look that is seen in many offices, why not create a white office? Use other light colors if white is too antiseptic for you.

The floors of your home office can have darker woods since this can give the room visual weight which can further add to the open space feel. Darker neutral colors such as beige, gray, brown or black for your furniture as well as textiles is a good way to contrast the stark white surroundings.

Take advantage of every possible space in your home such as landings. With these, you can create a functional nook.

Now wasn’t that easy? Nordic design on a budget is truly achievable, you just have to know what elements to harmonize.

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