Designing A Shared Kids’ Bedroom

When you are thinking of designing a room that is shared by brothers or sisters, then you have to let your imagination run around a bit. Children who need to share the most private of spaces could end up getting in conflict all the time or you would have to deal with the clutter that they make.

A great solution to shared bedroom design is to still create a personal space for each kid. While you may think that your super quiet little boy and his feisty twin brother will not agree to stay in one room even for one night, think again. The simple solution just lies on how you execute the layout of their new shared bedroom.

Identify Their Wants

Yes, it is crucial to sit down with both kids and listen to what they want. It pays to interview them. Even when you think you already know what each of them wants, it is much better to hear it from them.

Go down to your kids’ level then just hang out with them. Pretty soon, you will realize that they are compromising with the design which you will use in their bedroom. This interview process is important because, as a parent, you can begin to comprehend what concepts will work for your kids. Learn to ask fun questions, do not impose anything on them. Ask what their favorite ice cream flavor is and you would probably realize that this also depicts their favorite color.

After the Research

After asking what your children would want inside their bedroom, it is now time to think on how you can apply their requests. Do not put large barriers inside the room – this will only heighten the competitive mode between the siblings. Since you are dealing with brothers or sisters, you have to unify the space rather than divide the room.

Rather than use huge closets or dividers, why not use color? Colors are effective dividers, just make sure that you find complementary palettes. Even the most divergent preferences can be unified with the use of color. If your little boy has to share his bedroom with his older sister, then you can choose colors that may appear contrasting yet still look great together such as black, white and pink.

With a shared room, it is important to harmonize the colors in order to create a more cohesive ambience. It can also be aesthetically pleasing to see colors that separate different areas in the room. How about painting an accent wall inside your kids’ bedroom? If your little girl like purple, then paint one wall purple just so you can have a statement wall.

If you are dealing with tweens or teenagers, then you have to widen your color perspective. Go bold with your wall colors – think bright blue or orange. An artistic way to beautify the room is to use murals. Ask your kids about which designs they most prefer; from there, you can have the murals customized. If you cannot find anything that even remotely resembles your kids’ preference, then upload your own design and have a mural company customize the design for you.

There are so many kid-friendly designs that parents can now choose from. Just make sure that your kids’ individuality is not lost as you create the theme for their shared room. Remember that they are the ones that are going to sleep and play inside that room so you have to respect what they also want.

Lastly, do not forget to install lots of storage units! Children will always be children so they need to have a place where they could store their little play things and books. After all your hard work, sit down with your children and enjoy what you have all accomplished – they are sure to appreciate it.

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