Ceramic, Natural Stone or Wood Kitchen Flooring: The Pros and Cons

Do you often pay attention to your kitchen flooring only during occasions? Your kitchen floor is probably one of the least loved yet overworked part of your home. This is the very room where meals have been prepared countless times and where champagne bottles were opened for guests.

It is time to change your ways and look down on to your kitchen flooring. Contemporary kitchens, these days, are depicted as beautifully elegant. They can become the showpieces during festive seasons just as much as that Christmas tree or the paintings on your walls.

State-of-the-art kitchens can add about 8% or more to your house’s value. The kitchen floors often take a good beating so it is vital to find the most durable materials that can withstand a huge amount of traffic. Durable does not mean boring so you can still stylize your kitchen without sacrificing the quality of its flooring.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

This is one of the most widely used kitchen flooring in the world. It is because ceramic is the fail safe option for just about any kitchen theme or budget. Your choices for size, color, shape and patterns are actually boundless. This means that you can create the look that you find to be most preferable for your taste.

Ceramic tiles can withstand wear and tear for many years – from champagne spills to muddy footprints. It is also quite easy to clean. There are also budget ceramic tiles that are now being sold in many tile centers. With it, you can easily create custom patterns that will match your kitchen’s current theme. ‘Feel like changing the theme? Then go ahead and buy patterns that will help you achieve a new look.

Ceramic tiles can crack when the floor settles, though. If you dropped your glass on this type of flooring, expect it to be totally shattered. It can also get cold underfoot so it is advisable to use a rug or mat. A little spill on ceramic flooring could spell an accident as it can get slippery. To keep stains at bay, be sure to buy a special cleaner for ceramic tiles.

Natural Stone Flooring

Whether you are choosing granite, slate, limestone or travertine; natural stone will always be a major asset in any home. No two stones are exactly the same color, texture and pattern so you can create visual depth if you use them on your floor.

Stone flooring is also elegant so it can easily evoke an upscale look for your home. It has this classic, natural look which is hard to ignore.

Stone flooring can get really expensive; also, the crannies can easily accumulate dirt. Chipping and scratching is also quite common.

Wood Flooring

Solid wood is a great option for your kitchen flooring since it offers an all-natural look. Very few materials can ever be at par in beauty when compared to wood. Even when it is installed in a room where heavy foot traffic and moisture are rampant, wood can still be properly treated to last. In time, it even develops a rich patina which you are sure to appreciate.

Wood will never go out of style which means you will never have to worry about updating the looks of your home.

Of course, wood’s top enemies are liquids. If you spill any kind of fluid onto it, then there is a probability that the wooden plank or slats will be damaged. If the fluid is not wiped right away, then the stain could set in. Also, wood easily scratches and dents.

Which among these three materials will you use in your kitchen?

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