Bespoke Sofa: 5 Buying Instructions That Matter

Not all people, let’s just face it, want a home that looks brand new; and with more and more homes being dressed to look contemporary, people are trying to look for other options that they can experiment with. A few of them opted for themes such as avante garde and industrial. Still others wanted to have a hint of history right in their own homes so they chose to design with a Victorian, Art Deco, retro, and other period themes.

Finances Are Of Essence

Having a new place look new can be easy if you have money to spend and have things renovated. It takes an expert to dress up a new space and turn it into a habitat that seemed to have been there for decades. While the trick in doing this is not straightforward, there are some simple techniques that can help you do the trick.

The best way to begin with this project is to purchase vintage or antique furniture. Yet buying these old pieces is not everything. There are other design concepts that you need to consider so that the whole look will have a cohesive feel.

Begin with the walls as there are many faux painting techniques that will help you achieve a distressed look. If paint is not your cup of tea, then you can always opt for a wallpaper design that suits your preferred palette.

The more adventurous ones even stage a battered or an unfinished brick wall look. Doing this will add decades to the look of your home.

When choosing the colors for the rest of your home, just make sure that you veer away from bright colors which often depict modern homes. Instead, look for pastel and other muted tones in order to achieve that nostalgic look.

For the neat freaks out there, shopping through dusty antique shops can sometimes prove to be stressful so they just opt for porcelain vases. These vases look perfect with Colonial style windows. imagine setting a gramophone in one corner of your living room and you’re good.

Other Cool Tips

There are many other ways to make a new home look more classic. Make sure that you do not overlook even the minute details. Retro or vintage accessories as well as the right kind of lighting can unify the theme.

Here are other guidelines –

• Have aluminum handles and doorknobs removed since they spell modern without even trying.
• Find artwork that comes from a different era then build the theme on it.
• Add on the look that you have created over time. You can choose to have a haphazard effect wherein you give the idea that the house was not completed all at once (your guests will not have an inkling that you have just designed a new house!).
• Salvage materials that you can use to beautify your new home. You would be surprised at the flooring and wall materials that you can use which come with nail holes. If you look closely at these materials, you can even find stains made by the original owners – it’s truly amazing. If not, the usual finds that you can buy are those materials with thinned paint coats.
• Muted hues and earthy tones can give your place a timeless look. Always ascertain that you use colors which can blend, now overshadow each other.
• Authentic lighting such as gas lanterns fitted to be used with electricity can be repurposed to light your home. You can also scour the market for some vintage reproductions of some period lighting pieces. If you cannot find lighting fixtures that depict an older era, then all you have to do is to ask for these to be customized for you.

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