Bathroom Fixtures And Fittings – Know Your Choices Before Buying

It requires a bit of know-how to be able to select the best bathroom fixtures and fittings. Apart from the technical knowledge, you must also have a sense of style as you go about and look for these products.

There are some fixtures that have greatly changed over the last years. These changes were necessary because there were also plumbing alterations and upgrades that needed to be done.

You have the choice to replace just the damaged or worn out fixture and then you can keep the rest. You ca also replace the entire set. The replacement of fixtures without relocation is now one of the most popular ways of affordable bathroom revamps.

Wall-Hung or Pedestal Sinks

If you have a compact powder room in your home or just a small scale bathroom, then the best option for you is either a pedestal or wall-hung sink. Enamel cast iron, stainless steel, colorful art glass, or solid surfacing can be used for the freestanding sink models. Do not go to steel, though, since this can chip off easily.

The most versatile styles include the nostalgic look of traditional sinks down to the shiny space-age design. Pedestal sinks can be made with semi-precious stones like rose quartz and agate. Hand paintings can also be done on the basins. 

In-Counter or Lavatory Sinks

If you want extra storage along with a countertop sink, then a simple vanity can be customized especially for this purpose. Undermount sinks are attached to the counter’s underside.

Having the latest look in your bathroom means having simple bowl in art glass, hammered metal, water-resistant wood or any other attractive material. A more economical choice is the integral bowl that is seamlessly installed to the bathroom countertop. This kind of sink is made of cultured marble, synthetic material or solid surfacing.

‘Love geometric shapes? Then have the vanity sink installed with the shape that you want – from hexagonal to triangular corner sinks, just name it and there are a lot of sink makers that are more than willing to provide it for you.

Porcelain looks great with hand paintings that are either traditional or modern or modern.

In-Wall Faucets Paired with Double, Above-Counter Bowls

China will always be the timeless choice but the market is now showcasing a number of emerging synthetic combinations. Because of this, it is now easy to mix and match or to combine the fixtures to the existing bathroom theme.

Vitreous China, Wood, Stainless Steel Sinks

Having special shower or tub constructed in your bathroom could mean that you can have other fixtures made with unique materials. The most common toilet is made of vitreous china but the sink can be anything from plastic, to stainless steel to wood. With these, it is so easy to coordinate the overall color of the bathroom as you design everything to achieve a more cohesive look.

Above-Ground and In-Ground Whirlpool Tub

This tub symbolizes luxury more than any other and it has been so since the ‘80s. Such tubs can measure as long as 435 feet while some are even much larger. Earlier designs do not come with handrails but, these days, this safety feature is an added option that you could install.

There are some homes that have structures which are unable to take the weight of the standard whirlpool tub. In such cases, the tub can be installed in-ground. 

Luxurious Showers

A stall shower needs at least 36,336 inches of space. This should be built on the sloped floor which empties towards the drain. You may use swing-out doors or totally eliminate the idea of a shower door.

Showering amenities can now be added such as the modular shower systems that are now customizable. Just know what you want and there is a model out there that can suit your preference.

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