5 Cheap Flooring Ideas to Mull Over (Link Roundup)

Are you one of the homeowners who want to update the look of their habitat but are running on a tight budget? If you are in this scenario, then you can start searching for cheap flooring ideas that can make your home look fab.

The most popular options these days are carpeting and hardwood flooring. While these choices render a great look for your floor, they come with a hefty price tag so they do not fit everyone’s budget. This does not mean that you can no longer make your home flooring look fabulous. There are thousands of options for affordable flooring that is available to you, and when you choose correctly, you can instantly upgrade the look of your home.

Grass as Wooden Flooring

Have you ever heard of bamboo flooring? Bamboo is quite popular among people who have chosen an Asian theme for their homes. Bamboo is a type of grass, not wood, but it can easily replicate the look of wood. This means that you can use bamboo as an alternative to the more expensive wooden flooring.

If you want to be more unique, you can choose the strand-woven bamboo flooring that showcases the fine lines of this grass type. This is made by gluing pieces of bamboo together, giving the floor a more natural look.

Bamboo is a lot less costly than hardwood flooring. You are looking at 50% or more on savings. Another great thing about bamboo is that it only takes 3-7 years to grow it while hardwood materials can take anywhere from 50-120 years.

Bamboo costs only $1.50 for every square foot.

Bare or Finished Concrete

Concrete flooring offers an unfinished, earthy appeal yet they cost much less to install. There are different kinds of concrete floors that are available to match your home’s theme. Concrete floors can come painted, stained, or colored. They are a lot easier to maintain than any other kind of flooring. In places where sand or snow is rampant, it pays to use concrete flooring instead of the high-maintenance flooring types.

Concrete is also the perfect alternative for carpeting as there are people who are allergic to the latter.

Cork Tiles

Cork tiles are softer than linoleum tiles and they showcase a more natural look. Even huge homes do not need to spend a fortune if they choose to have cork tiles installed. With just a few hundred dollars, you can already set up a room with natural-looking floor. Choose from shades of brown, yellow, and just about any color that you can think of.

Ceramic Tiles

These are especially useful in basement flooring as ceramic tiles are very easy to maintain. You can opt for plain colors if you want to have these tiles in your bathroom.

For your living room or bedroom, you can mix and match different ceramic tiles so that you can create a more interesting look. You can also create mosaic flooring.


You may know plywood to be a staple construction material. It is commonly used on sub-flooring projects where other more expensive materials are used as the main flooring. But plywood can also be an ideal flooring for so many reasons. First, plywood is cheap, durable, easy to work with and is readily available. It can be stained, painted or sealed, just like any other wood flooring.

Plywood comes in large sheets which is why you can cut it to any size that you opt for – the possibilities are actually endless.

These cheap flooring ideas should help jump-start your flooring project. Choose to cover flaws or simply update the look of any room in your home – it is quite easy.

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