Here Are The 2018 Home Decor Trends On Our Radar

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It’s already end of year, but if you’re still pining over many of 2017′s home decor fads – like minimalism, shibori prints, maximalism, and mud cloth – 2018′s home decor trends aren’t far removed.

To get a finger on the pulse of what home decor trends we should expect to see next year, we spoke to Maureen Baker, an associate at Mancini Duffy, a full-service design firm specializing in architecture, planning, and interior design. And, yep, we now want to impulsively redecorate our homes.

The best part is that these trends can be seamlessly blended into your space. Below, check out the nine home decor trends on our radar for 2018:

1 Ruby Red – 

“This color was all over the runways in 2017, and we can absolutely expect to see it work its way into our home décor in 2018. The rich, vibrant red projects confidence and will have staying power beyond the holiday season”, Baker says. If you’re hesitant about committing to such a bold hue, experiment with versatile accent pieces that can easily be switched out like this inexpensive red clock from Etsy.

2 Velvet

According to Baker, this plush, multi-dimensional fabric will be 2018’s go-to upholstery option. Though it might have once been considered old-fashioned or fussy, a new bohemian age of design has claimed it for its own. For maximum effect, think big, like this statement sofa from Wayfair that’s currently 75 percent off.

3 Wabi Sabi aka Imperfection

The Japanese concept of wabi sabi celebrates imperfection, Baker says, and it’s expected to catch like wildfire in 2018. It’s all about authenticity, including honesty of materials like this natural Belarusian flax duvet cover from Etsy. Consider this permission to leave your bed unmade.

4 Copper Accents

Move over, rose gold. Copper’s earthier hue is here to stay for 2018. With its more red and orange tones, this classy finish can easily be found in desk lamps or side tables like this under $75 one from Target.

5 Black & White

The graphic, high-contrast pop created by these dichotomous elements will add visual interest to any space, and inspire a sense of balance that will ground your decor, Baker told us. While achieving balance can be tricky, start out with a beautiful bowl or these simple mudcloth pillows from Etsy.

6 70s Chic

We’ll see some not-so-subtle nods to the 1970s era in 2018. Warm palettes, inviting textures, groovy silhouettes like these vases, and some out-of-the-box ideas will dominate the decor scene.

7 Natural Materials

Fresh, natural materials are an aesthetic that perfectly complements 2018’s obsession with organic home integration. Baker told us that bone has been steadily gaining popularity, as well as shells and lava rock. An easy way to show this trend off is through a set of coasters like these from Citizenry.

8 Windowpane

Baker predicts that 2018’s geometric pattern will be windowpane. They’re seeing this on everything from textiles to ceramics to artwork. And with its clean and simple lines, it fits perfectly into the recent minimalist movement. A windowpane throw blanket will work on any piece of furniture you place it on.

9 Traditional Floral Patterns With a Twist

Traditional floral patterns are making a comeback in a big way, and with their comfortable familiarity, eye-catching detail, and vintage vibes they will fit right in with 2018’s nod to nostalgia. Baker says to keep an eye out for new takes on old prints with funky colors and exaggerated proportions. Get this throw pillow for an easy layer of visual interest.

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