Important Tips for Kid and Pet-Friendly Finishes

Leather says yes to kids and dogs but a definite no to cats. Featured is the Hooker Furniture Living Room Montgomery Sofa.

Parents and pet owners have a common woe – buying a brand new couch means they have to be on guard 24/7.  After all, not a lot of furniture pieces are indestructible so having to watch their furry friend or little one destroy their investment is just not a happy sight.

But your wish to create a beautiful home remains which is understandable. Yet are you ready for the pains that furniture repairs are about to inflict on your bank account?

Don’t fret. There are actually some simple things that you can do to keep your young ones and your pets from damaging your furniture.

Keep in mind that both babies and pets go about their mission to destroy when they are bored. So, with this in mind, you could set up a play room for your baby while your cat can have his designated scratching post, while the dog gets his chew toys – lots of them.

Many dog trainers recommend also that it is crucial to create an enclosure for younger animals. Pups and kittens, after all, are the most uncontrollable. They still need help with house training so keep them away from destroying things by creating a safe boundary.

While you can do all these things, there are still some slips that could happen. No one wants this, so why not buy furniture with these finishes instead?

Lovin’ Leather

Spills and accidents can be easily wiped away when you have leather furniture. This is also the kind of material that looks better as it ages and also when it goes through wear and tear.

While this material works well in homes with babies and pups, it is not the best material to have for your couch if you’re a cat lover.

Cats can scratch deeply and there’s no workaround a shredded leather sofa.

If leather won’t work for now, then you can always go for micro suede. This is also a durable fabric that wipes clean when you use a damp cloth. Even the muddiest paws are no match for this amazing fabric.

Other pet and kid-friendly fabrics include denim, canvas, and outdoor fabrics such as Sunbrella.

The rule of thumb in choosing furniture fabrics for pet-friendly homes, make sure that they are tightly-woven. Also, that the texture, patterns, and color can hide pet fur and dirt.

Choosing Concrete

Concrete paving is now available in every imaginable size. Also called a paver, this is made of brick, stone, tile or concrete. A coloring agent can be mixed to the concrete mixture so that the paver can have an interesting hue.

Be sure to have the soil underneath the paver compacted and followed by a sub-base. This is so slips and accidents won’t happen to your kids or even to the elderly. This kind of pavement in your home would last for many years. Concrete is also recyclable into aggregate which makes it an amazing material.

Quart Countertops

Of course, the kitchen is where some of the most robust activities are held. Here, family members convene to talk, cook meals, and sometimes even to eat. Where the adults and other family members are, there the pets will be also.

Surely, your cat will be exploring his turf so be prepared with the most durable countertop surface. Quartz may not be as expensive as granite but it is also resilient to scratches and dents, even chipping. Compared to hardwood surfaces which pets can promptly destroy through nibbling and urinating, your quartz countertop can stand its ground.

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